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Dayton Dynamo Look To Tap Into Ohio’s Soccer Renaissance With Downtown Stadium Move

XI Questions With… Dayton Dynamo Ohio is the seventh most populous state in the USA, but unlike the six states ahead of it, there is no huge metropolitan area concentrating much of the state’s population.  Ohio’s population is spread out among midsize and small cities.  Columbus is home to MLS’s Columbus

FC Arizona Has Big Ambitions For Pro Soccer In The Phoenix Area

XI Questions With… FC Arizona Phoenix is the 12th largest metropolitan statistical area in the United States, with a population of over 4.5 million residing around Phoenix, Scottsdale and Mesa, Arizona.  Yet when MLS commissioner Don Garber rattles off his ever growing list of expansion candidate markets, Phoenix is rarely mentioned.

New Hartford City Owner Aims To Make Good On Another’s Broken Promise

XI Questions With… Hartford City FC When the Hartford City FC project imploded last year, it was like a broken promise to the Connecticut city’s soccer fans.  The situation seemed full of potential.  The city was eager to have Dillon Stadium, an older facility near downtown, rebuilt and used as a

United Premier Soccer League Brings Promotion And Relegation To The USA

Few subjects in US club soccer trigger more passionate debate than promotion and relegation.  Now a prominent league in the Southwestern US is going to bring pro-rel to these shores.  The United Premier Soccer League gained some notoriety this year from the performance of two of its clubs in the