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Letter to the Editor: A Brief History of the Real “Athletics”

This Letter to the Editor is written by Sonny Dalesandro, Owner, Tulsa Athletic.  It shares the club's experience in a dispute with the Oakland Athletics of Major League Baseball over the use of the name "Athletics."  Given the fact that A's owner Lew Wolff also owns the San Jose Earthquakes of

Open Overtures: How Cutthroat League Competition Undercuts National Soccer Development

The American soccer pyramid is a quite bizarre structure. Eclectic at best and disorganized, disjointed, and incoherent at worst, the divisional system of soccer in the United States is rather scatterbrained. Obviously, there’s no connectivity: there’s no promotion and relegation in place to unify these leagues. Instead, they are assigned

The Future Of US Club Soccer At A Crossroads: Part Two – How NASL Can Overhaul Its Value Proposition & Bring Promotion & Relegation To US Soccer

Fair warning: This is a promotion and relegation article.  As such, it will not be for many readers.  If you find discussion on the topic of promotion and relegation upsetting, for the sake of your blood pressure, turn back now.  All others, proceed. Let’s get this out of the way:  Promotion

NPSL Golden Gate Conference Best 11

The NPSL season is now headed to its home stretch with the 4 regional champions having been determined this weekend. The last remaining Golden Gate Conference team is the Sonoma County Sol, one of the most successful teams in NPSL history. They won another Golden Gate Conference regular season title

The Real American Soccer Culture: New York Times Response

Like many soccer supporters, I was left mystified when I read Jay Caspian Kang's synopsis of American soccer culture for New York Times Magazine (We have chosen not to publish the link to the article, because they do not deserve the traffic - Ed). The American soccer landscape is fast growing and