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Miami FC Heating Up On All Fronts

The official crest of NASL's Miami FC

Miami FC is catching fire at the right time of the season, its flames kindled by stacks upon stacks of hundred dollar bills from the bank account of owner Riccardo Silva.  In the Spring Season, Miami did not get the formula right, but they quickly adjusted.  Learning from your mistakes

The Future Of US Club Soccer At A Crossroads: Part Three – Could 2018 Look Like 2010 When It Comes to Division 2 Soccer in the United States?

In 2010, the United Soccer Leagues and the Team Owner’s Association, a group of club owners who disagreed with the direction of USL, were at war.  The TOA broke off from USL and would go on to form the new North American Soccer League.  Intervening to save the 2010 season,

Replacing Rayo: Finding A Central Time Zone Solution For NASL’s 2017 Season

The Rayo OKC experiment has failed.  The league announced its intentions to expand to the city in 2013, but had its efforts to launch there derailed when Oklahoma City FC investor Tim McLaughlin jumped ship to join the USL bid in the town that would become the Oklahoma City Energy.  Sold

The Future Of US Club Soccer At A Crossroads: Part Two – How NASL Can Overhaul Its Value Proposition & Bring Promotion & Relegation To US Soccer

Fair warning: This is a promotion and relegation article.  As such, it will not be for many readers.  If you find discussion on the topic of promotion and relegation upsetting, for the sake of your blood pressure, turn back now.  All others, proceed. Let’s get this out of the way:  Promotion

The Future Of US Club Soccer At A Crossroads: Part One – USL’s Second Division Ambitions & The Consolidation of US Soccer Under MLS

The present divisional hierarchy of US pro soccer came about as a result of a schism between the United Soccer Leagues and a group of team owners that came to be known as the Team Owner’s Association.  Unhappy with the sale of USL by Nike to NuRock Holdings, the TOA

NPSL Golden Gate Conference Best 11

The NPSL season is now headed to its home stretch with the 4 regional champions having been determined this weekend. The last remaining Golden Gate Conference team is the Sonoma County Sol, one of the most successful teams in NPSL history. They won another Golden Gate Conference regular season title