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NPSL Semi-Final Battle of Two Famous NPSL Clubs

The national semi-final of the NPSL presents us with arguably one of the most intriguing matchups in NPSL history. Two of the most successful NPSL clubs will face off for the first time ever in the NPSL playoffs, the Sonoma County Sol and Chattanooga FC. This is Sonoma’s 6th trip

NPSL Golden Gate Conference Best 11

The NPSL season is now headed to its home stretch with the 4 regional champions having been determined this weekend. The last remaining Golden Gate Conference team is the Sonoma County Sol, one of the most successful teams in NPSL history. They won another Golden Gate Conference regular season title

NPSL Golden Gate Conference Playoff Preview

The NPSL’s Golden Gate Conference regular season came down to the final weekend both in terms of who were going to be the 3 teams to get playoff spots, and who was going to win the regular season title. The Sonoma County Sol took top spot in the Conference regular

NPSL Golden Gate Conference Midseason Review

  While some of the NPSL Conferences are just getting started, the NPSL Golden Gate Conference has just reached its halfway point. The Golden Gate Conference began its season on March 19th when Real San Jose beat the Sacramento Gold FC 2-0, weeks ahead of the rest of the League. CD Aguiluchos USA Aguiluchos

Sonoma County Sol: The Staple of the NPSL

    The NPSL is becoming a highly successful league, now entering its 12th season since taking over from the MPSL in 2005. Due to clubs like Detroit City FC and their phenomenal supporters, the Northern Guard, taking on the Grassroots vs. Corporate soccer fight for the whole country, the NPSL is starting