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Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 72 – The Cosmos Don’t Sleep with the Fishes After an extended hiatus (and some uncertainty on whether or not we'd be back), TICCPod is back talking New York Cosmos, the Rocco, and the Resurrection. We'll give you an update of how things played out for the club, who's gone, who's left and have a look at an unexpected savior.

Cosmos Country Podcast Ep. 68 – ‘This Episode is #BiggerThanBelson’ with Giovanni Savarese & the Cosmos We're back, talking a win over Minnesota United, some news about a bite-sized potential NASL Final venue and your reactions to that and rumors about Gio Savarese. Speaking of Gio, we speak with him, Carlos Mendes, Jimmy Maurer, Adam Moffat, and Eric Calvillo about their win and the road ahead. We take

Cosmos Country Episode 65 – ‘The 4 Points from the #1 seed and the Final rights could be sold? Episode’ We're back, talking an important road point in Ottawa, an important upcoming road match, the loss of a starter, and the newest obstacle the Cosmos may face, the inability to host the NASL Final should they win the rights to do so. We take a look at results and news around

Cosmos Country Episode 62 – ‘The Clubs and League in Question Episode’ with Jason Bruzzichesi, Editor-in-Chief of Midfield Press We’re back, talking a draw with Edmonton, the race for first, and another match against Indy. But, then we dive into all the recent rumors centered around the state of the NASL, the New York Cosmos and the other clubs with Jason Bruzzichesi, Editor-in-Chief of Midfield Press and author of a

Cosmos Country Podcast Episode 59 – ‘The Brooklyn Rumors Episode’ The guys are back talking about a road win, yes you read that correctly, in Puerto Rico, a re-appearance by the Cardiac Cosmos, league news, the rumors revolving around Brooklyn and the updates that followed. Of course, we take your questions on the Cosmos and the league. It’s all here on Cosmos