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First Touch: Georgia Revolution FC

In our latest interview series First Touch, we focus on the smaller, lesser known teams of the NPSL, and spend a little time getting to know them, their fan bases, and their ambitions for the club. Midfield Press’s Jason Bruzzichesi sat down with Alec Morrison, the Media Director for Georgia Revolution

#MLS2STPETE: Understanding the Al Lang Stadium Referendum

City Council meetings are admittedly never very exciting. Much of the discussions revolve around parcels, ad-valorem taxes, zoning questions, program awareness, and the occasional personal complaint about something the city is doing to anger one of its residents.   Very rarely do you see a great deal of outside discussion, or

XI Questions with the PLA’s Oakland County FC

Oakland County FC started off as Oakland United FC playing the Great Lakes Premier League, now known as the Premier League of America (PLA). Over the past few months, Midfield Press has been talking with Nick Morana, Theo Foutris, and Ben Rode, co-owners of OCFC, about the league, the team,

Exclusive: ALBION SC Close To Bringing NASL To San Diego

Founded in 1981, ALBION SC has been a mainstay in the San Diego soccer community for decades. The organization has over 3000 youth soccer players in its system, and has been noted for the incredible player development and development of teams at the highest level in the country. ALBION SC

The Outer Drive Podcast Episode 35: It’s In The Game

In the latest episode of the TODcast John and Fletcher are joined by EA Sports producer Erika Imburgio to talk about her work on Madden and NBA Live, bad tattoos, and why Lions and Jets fans should be homies. Also, Fletcher was in the house for the Midwest Soccer Combine in