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5 players with great hair

The '5 Players' feature returns to present five new players for your consideration.  This week, we examine the elite hairstyles of NASL. Tom Heinemann, Forward, Ottawa Fury When he isn’t howling at the moon or modeling for Bob Dylan’s classic album Blonde on Blonde, the 6’4” St. Louis native is part of

Endline: NASL Needs More Committed Fans

Railhawks's Oak City Supporters during their game versus Minnesota United FC (Photo: Rob Kinnan-Carolina RailHawks)

‘Endline’ is a weekly column in which David Martin surveys the NASL landscape for a topic of interest and fires a broadside of opinion. The content below reflects the opinion of the author alone and not that of Midfield Press or other individual staff. If you have only just begun following NASL,