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Projecting The NASL Fall Season With Football Manager 2016

The NASL 2016 Spring Season was every bit as exciting and unpredictable as you would expect from a short, 10 game format.  We used the popular Football Manager ‘16 simulation game to project the outcome of the Spring Season in March, before it kicked off.  Despite the small sample size,

NASL Spring 2016: Week 6 Predictions

We are roughly midway through the Spring, and it's pretty clear who the top teams are. In fact, can divide the NASL into three parts: Florida, Canada, and the rest. Nearly all of 'the rest' are at the top of the table. Still, things can quickly change and never doubt

The Rowdies Formation Frenzy

  This is the first season the Rowdies seem to be experimenting with a new formation style. Teams of the past have only dabbled in variations of the 4-4-2, from the flat to the diamond. While fans are excited that the team has decided to start using different formations the glow

NASL Spring 2016: Week 5 Predictions

Saturday, April 30th Ottawa Fury v Miami FC  2:00 pm EST  ESPN3  TD Place Stadium, Ottawa, Canada The Ottawa Fury are a poor team. Not an untalented team, not rudderless, and not without potential, but a poor team nonetheless because it is in the midst of a complete overhaul and rebuild. As such, the Fury

Projecting the NASL Spring Season with Football Manager 2016

  If you’ve never played Football Manager, good god man, don’t.  It is one of the most addicting sports games on the market, particularly if you enjoy business and sports and like the idea of simulating the experience of running a soccer club, similar to how Out of the Park Baseball

Predictions: NASL Fall Season Week 14

Each week Midfield Press' contributors amuse themselves by trying to predict the weekend's results. The latest set of predictions show that the staff have become skeptical of the Fury's ability to continue to steamroll NASL opposition. They're also bully about Minnesota which Minnesotans everywhere will say is a mistake. The oddest predictions this

Predictions: NASL Fall Season Week 11

Each week Midfield Press' contributors attempt to predict the weekend's results. The latest set of predictions show that the staff has soured somewhat when it comes to Ottawa (previously a safe bet) and got more confident in evaluating Fort Lauderdale's prospects. The Rowdies have a fair number of us on their wagon