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The Tailgate Show S5 E16 Pedro Heizer

A scrappy 1-1 match at home for our Fort Lauderdale Strikers, 1k attendance, another red card; lots to discuss on the show with our guest this week, the Sun Sentinel's Strikers beat writer Pedro Heizer.... So tune in this Thursday at 7pm for your normal beer-fueled "banter" from the Kudio...

To Split, or Not to Split

  To Split, or Not to Split Author: Scott Wendt        We are four weeks into the 2016 NASL and we have already seen a lot! For those of us that have followed the league from the start, it is easy to see that considerable progress has been made in establishing

The Tailgate Show – S5E12 – Nana Attakora

Well... Well... Well... The start of the season is here!!  Don't come in soft... Come in with a BEAST!!  Strikers Defender Nana Attakora come to the KUDIO LIVE on Thursday!!! Preseason is over.  Trips to China are over.  Let's talk to a FOOTBALLER!!!  We'll also review the new kit that

The Tailgate Show S4E42 Strikers Wrap Up

Well the season is officially over.  We put up a great fight getting into the playoffs with out fearless leader Gunter.  Now with that behind us the real struggle is in front of us.  Who is coming back?  Is Gunter coming back?  We only have a matter of weeks before

The Tailgate Show S4E40 Playoffs?!

We got ourselves into some sort of predicament now! We will have the Strikers' scenarios for the playoffs, coverage of last week's loss and a look ahead at this week's finale in Jacksonville. So tune in right here. WHO ARE YAAA!!!

The Tailgate Show with Jose Angulo

The Tailgate Show would like to welcome back Jose Angulo. This guy has been on absolute fire!!! Scoring almost at will!!!! Can't wait to get Jose's take on our quest for the playoffs. We will talk about last week's big road win and our big road match this weekend against Minnesota. Make

The Tailgate Show with Sam Ambrose

This week the Tailgate Show brings you Sam Ambrose Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for your Fort Lauderdale Strikers!!  Lets see what kind of news we can get out of Sam...  Should be interesting. We will talk a teeny tiny bit about that loss, more importantly talk about the upcoming

The Tailgate Show with Pedro Heizer

The Tailgate Show brings you Pedro Heizer blog writer of 90 Minutes Strong and more importantly he covers OUR STRIKERS!!!! It definitely will be a STRIKERS driven show this week with Pedro in the Kudio. Where are we at ? Where are we going? Playoffs? So many great questions to